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Just a quick update

26 Jun

In my attempt to get back into running I have a new injury: Plantar Fasciitis. Because…why not get every stereotypical running injury known to man in the course of a few months?! Hopefully I see the light at the end of the tunnel with this injury, but I’m apprehensive to jump back into a lot of activity. I was just jogging 2:1 intervals for 3 miles when this flared up. I haven’t lost a pound yet (grrr), but I did take my measurements and I am an inch down in my chest, waist, AND hips since January, so that’s awesome. I still want to eat a pint of ice cream out of frustration over the scale not moving! I have been doing exercises taht keep my feet off the floor with my swiss ball, sandbags, and hand weights. Hopefully…one day….I’ll be a runner again. On my year anniversary (July 7th) I’ll do a full progress update. I wanted to be so much further by now ūüė¶


Back in the saddle

2 Jun

My first attempt at running was a sad state of affairs. I was attempting 3miles with 3:1 walk/jog intervals. This seemed like an extremely simple task, but I don’t want to overdo it and have continued problems with my knee. I did pretty well for a mile and a half but at 2 miles I actually had to stop and rest. I was feeling overly hot and fatigued. My only defense is that it was 80 degrees out but even so, I feel pathetic. So frustrating to know where I was in April and compare it to now. I am going to go to another trail today that has a bit more shade and go a bit later. Hopefully things go better.


22 May

So my love is leaving for Canada and will be back the first week of July. That just so happens to me my one year anniversary of this blog. My goal by then is to be under 200. Right now my weight is fluctuating 215-219. It’s a tough goal, but that’s the one I have! That’ll give me 48lbs of weight loss for the year! ¬†I’m planning my workouts by the week so heres this one:¬†

  • Monday-Thursday: 30 minute walks at lunch¬†
  • Friday-Off, we’re traveling
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 30 minutes weight training and/or plyometrics
  • Saturday-Sunday: 60 minute walks
  • Monday-Off, we’re traveling back

General Rules

  • 1200 Calories (net)
  • No boxed/processed food
  • 30 minutes exercise daily
  • No Sweets (omg, you guys, I’m going to my grandmother’s house!)
  • No bread.
  • No pasta

If all goes well I plan to start jogging intervals next week. I want to get up to 3 miles and start improving my mile time to 10 mintues and then work up to 10 minute mile 10K. 

It’s possible I’ll do some juicing while working for Dtox. I’m pretty exciting about the opportunity. They have asked me to come in and sit down with the owner on Friday before I leave town. I hope she likes me as much as the interviewer did! ¬†I’m kind of intimidated so wish me luck.¬†

I’m Baaaaack!

20 May

Well, almost. 

I’ve been biking, rehabilitating for this “IT Band Syndrome” and I’m feeling pretty ok. ¬†Today I went on a 2 mile walk so I’m counting that as my return workout. ¬†I guess it’s a long way from 13.1, but I’ll get back there! ¬†Here’s my new favorite workout song:¬†

“My body tells me no, but I won’t quit, I want more”

So here goes! I plan to walk daily this week for a half hour each day. ¬†I also biked today for a half hour, but that’s getting pretty damn boring. ¬†

Edit: after being offered and accepting a position with Dtox, they failed to send me the necessary information for my start date. When I contacted them by phone my calls were ignored. I have never been on the receiving end of such a gross display of unprofessionalism in my life.

1/2 Marathon Complete!

10 Apr

I wouldn’t say it was a complete success, but it is completely over. And I finished! ¬†

The day started like this: 


5am: Up at at ’em. Getting dressed. I had Honey Nut Cheerios (no milk) and a banana. 1/2 an orange gatorade and 16oz Water.¬†

6am: Arrive at the Beach! Really, no better place to ruin your day with 13.1 miles. Sunrise was gorgeous.  


7am: Race starts.  

Shannon and I stayed together doing intervals: 3minutes Jog, 1:30 Walk. ¬†The bad part: My knee pain started immediately (REALLY?! After two weeks of rehabilitation and cross training….really?). ¬†We got to just beyond 6 miles before I started having stabbing pains in my lateral knee that made me start walking. ¬†We went about a mile more before I tried running again. ¬†No go. ¬†The sharp pain came back immediately. ¬†So from here on out we had to walk. ¬†Bless her heart, Shannon stayed with me instead of finishing her run. ¬†I feel really bad, I wish she could have met all of her goals as well. ¬†We finished in 3:38:10. There were exactly 6 people behind us, so we finished and we weren’t last: Goals Accomplished! ¬†Still pissed about not running the whole thing properly, though.

I think I’ll go get an Xray on the knee next week and go from there. I feel like any normal inflammatory condition should have cleared up already or at least started a little later in the race. ¬†I’m itching to run again and my blisters haven’t even healed yet. ¬†I’m tempted to share picture. ¬†I had one on the tip of my 2nd toe that was quite impressive, but I’ll save it. I know not everyone is as entertained as I am by it! ¬†


Photos courtesy of Shannon. Her camera is way better than mine!  

PS–Zico Chocolate Coconut Water: Worth it!

She’s got legs

13 Nov

Legs day went well,

  • 50 Squats 40#
  • 50 DL 40#
  • 50 Lunges
  • 30 Pushups

I set the goal to do 200 pushups this week so instead of doing them over 3 days I’m doing some everyday. I suck at pushups.

I started a facebook challenge for 30 days of thankfulness this month. So I’m curious, what are you thankful for? ¬†The first 10 days or so were easy. Now I have to actually think about it and be a little introspective. I think I will feel blessed by the end of the month!


  • Day 1: I am thankful for all the love and encouragement I receive from my friends and family.
  • Day 2: I am thankful none of those cops pulled me over while I was hauling butt to Jacksonville!
  • Day 3: thankful for all the awesome people I met today who are putting in hours of volunteer time. Love this environment.
  • Day 4: I am thankful that this world is still a beautiful place.
  • Day 5: I am thankful for my new job which its turning out to be pretty awesome!
  • Day 6: thankful for being able to vote. PS, Florida, you are giving me an ulcer.
  • Day 7: So unbelievably thankful for Obama 2012!
  • Day8: I am thankful for 4 day work weeks and turning off my morning alarm. Goodnight yall!
  • Day 9: I am thankful that I am a healthy, active person. I take that for granted most everyday.
  • Day 10: I am thankful for puppies who teach us to play, to take naps, love unconditionally, and know just when we need a little snuggle!
  • Day 11: I am thankful that my pants are falling off of me, even if I do look like a saggy bottom girl! Can’t wait to lose a little more and replace them!
  • Day 12: I am thankful for my mom¬†who has been one of my biggest cheerleaders on some of my darkest days. Thanks, momma, I love you!
  • Day 13: I am thankful for my Daddy! He has rescued me too many times to count. He has even driven 5 hours to change my flat tire. That’s love! He has taught me so much about being independent and I am thankful for that more than he knows! So all yall who are upset that I’m not married with kids yet….blame him! He taught me not to put up with any bullshit cause I am perfectly capable by myself. Love you dad!

October’s Week 3 Plan

14 Oct

Last week wasn’t a total bust, but not a total success. ¬†A couple of things derailed my cardio days and I did not make them up. ¬†Nutritionally speaking…I ate pasta with cream sauce and chocolate filled with caramel (oops). ¬†Lifting went well, though.

Truth is, I haven’t been too focused on weight loss this month at all. ¬†I only have two more weeks before I weigh in and I’m not ready to see no progress so time to make it count!

This weekend I have been detoxing:

  • Shake: Almond milk, berries, spinach, flax seed, chia seed
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Drink: 12oz water, 2T Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, 2T lemon juice, cinnamon, stevia
  • Green Tea/Water (copious amounts)
  • Soup: Broccoli, Cauliflour, cilantro, curry, onion, garlic
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Green tea/Water
  • Dinner: Vegetable salad with lemon juice (no dressing)

I did this Saturday and Sunday and will probably continue through Monday. Everything good for you, easy to digest, and the Apple Cider vinegar helps regulate blood sugar and gets rid of the cravings.

This week’s goals:

  • Get back to being serious with the diet
  • Don’t miss a workout


  • 30 Day Shred in the mornings
  • Monday: Cardio: 1 mile warm up, 2 miles for time
  • Wednesday/Friday: 50 minute runs
  • Tuesday/Thursday: Lifting
  • Saturday/Sunday: Just 30 Day shred

Meals: (time to clean out the fridge/freezer again)

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal and Shakes
  • Lunch/Dinner: Spicy Couscous, Falafel, Lentil Power protein bowl, Barley with Mushrooms, Stuffed Cabbage, Soup/Salad,
  • Snacks: Lentil/Squash Hummus, Shakes, Date Bites, Think Thin Bars¬†¬†(yum, yum, yum), Apples, Oranges.

Wish me luck!

9 Oct

30 Day Shred was performed in conjunction with this afternoon’s weight lifting. Probably a pretty poor decision in retrospect. Lifting included 3 sets of 10: Deadlift 45# Single arm dumbbell snatch 20# Upright Rows 25# Overhead Shoulder press 25# squats 40# I am not ready to progress to the second phase of the shred. Have you ever sat and watched a workout DVD? I did that today. It will make you feel worse than eating potato chips and watching Biggest Loser.


Time to relax!


Sick Day

7 Oct

I do not feel well today. A little sick to my stomach and fatigued so I will keep this short and sweet.


Monday: Paced run for 30 minutes

Wednesday: 50 minute Run (I’m concerned about this distance, but we’ll see)

Tuesday/Thursday: Weight training, same as last week

Friday/Sunday: Just 30 Day shred and some core work

Saturday: 50 Minute Run


Breakfast: Steel cut oats w/ fruit, Kashi Cereal with Almond Milk, or Morningstar farms breakfast

Lunch: Protein Power Bowl, Barley with Mushrooms, Spicy couscous,

Dinner: Salads, Frozen meals, Soup

Hopefully I feel much better tomorrow and can actually cook those meals. ¬†I’m going to drag myself to the store, but I’m not doing anything else tonight.

Updates shmupdates

2 Oct

Jillian Michaels is really kicking my behind. 6am and a workout? who’s idea was that? ¬†Mine? Oh.

Despite my inability to update, things are going well.

Monday: 30 minutes of treadmill intervals, average 12:29/mile, 2.5 miles

Tuesday: Kettlebell workout, 3×10 of each.

  • This workout didn’t really seem that hard, I wanted to do more, but didn’t. ¬†I had already done Day 3 of the Shred and my thighs are sore. ¬†The workout took 30min and I was sweating so I left it at that.

Slight modifications in the plan because I need to get my hair done Friday before my date (priorities, people!). So I will do Random Abs Friday and get my last run in on Saturday morning. ¬†I’m skeptical about the 30 day shred. It looked easier than what it’s turning out to be (and I’m on level 1!). ¬†On that note, I better go to bed so I can get up for it in the morning.

PS–Two people recruited to do 30 Day Shred, F-ya! (I’m lookin’ at you, Shannon, you go girl!)