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1/2 Marathon Complete!

10 Apr

I wouldn’t say it was a complete success, but it is completely over. And I finished!  

The day started like this: 


5am: Up at at ’em. Getting dressed. I had Honey Nut Cheerios (no milk) and a banana. 1/2 an orange gatorade and 16oz Water. 

6am: Arrive at the Beach! Really, no better place to ruin your day with 13.1 miles. Sunrise was gorgeous.  


7am: Race starts.  

Shannon and I stayed together doing intervals: 3minutes Jog, 1:30 Walk.  The bad part: My knee pain started immediately (REALLY?! After two weeks of rehabilitation and cross training….really?).  We got to just beyond 6 miles before I started having stabbing pains in my lateral knee that made me start walking.  We went about a mile more before I tried running again.  No go.  The sharp pain came back immediately.  So from here on out we had to walk.  Bless her heart, Shannon stayed with me instead of finishing her run.  I feel really bad, I wish she could have met all of her goals as well.  We finished in 3:38:10. There were exactly 6 people behind us, so we finished and we weren’t last: Goals Accomplished!  Still pissed about not running the whole thing properly, though.

I think I’ll go get an Xray on the knee next week and go from there. I feel like any normal inflammatory condition should have cleared up already or at least started a little later in the race.  I’m itching to run again and my blisters haven’t even healed yet.  I’m tempted to share picture.  I had one on the tip of my 2nd toe that was quite impressive, but I’ll save it. I know not everyone is as entertained as I am by it!  


Photos courtesy of Shannon. Her camera is way better than mine!  

PS–Zico Chocolate Coconut Water: Worth it!