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Pretty OK

3 Mar

That’s how I would describe this week. “Pretty Ok”. How much more mediocre could we get, eh?



  • Monday: Core
  • Tuesday: Arms
  • Wednesday: Core
  • Thursday: Legs
  • Friday:Nothing (was supposed to be 4 miles of intervals)
  • Saturday: I was pumped for my 9 miles. I got all ready, bundled up, and on my way to the trail it started snowing. SNOWING…I said eff this, and went back home. I ended up doing 3 rounds of tabata workouts for a total of 15 minutes. It was work during. Afterward I felt like I hadn’t done much at all, but Sunday morning I was actually a little sore.  So yay for Tabata.  I’ll have to revisit that.
  • Sunday: Intention: 9 miles. Actual: 7 miles. After 5 miles my phone/music died. My left knee hurt (ITB), my right 2nd toe hurt (it has this weird callus at the tip and it hurts, it’s weird), and I was cold cold cooooold to the bone. So cold it hurt.  I’m such a wimp, I swear.

I’m pretty pleased with my workouts overall. I need to get my ass in gear on my 2 interval days/week. My long days have been getting slower and slower and slower.  Many of you could walk as fast (or faster) than I “run” sometimes. I try not to focus on speed, but seriously, I’m getting ridiculously slow.

My biggest problem is that I’m hungry. Oh so hungry. I don’t necessarily crave bad food, I just want more food.  Copious amounts of food.  I wasn’t really prepared for that this week so I ended up snacking a little too much on whatever was on hand. That’s not good in my line of work because patients love to bring in junkfood ( and so do my coworkers). There’s always chips, crackers, cake, cookies, chocolates. My brace rep brought me my own package of king size reeses this week. WTF dude? You are not helping!

Anyway, ways I’ll do better this week:

  • 2 tabata workouts at 5:30am. My schedule is kind of screwed this week but I think I’ll keep them on Tuesday/Thursday.
  • 2 core workouts on Monday/Wednesday
  • 2 4-mile interval runs on Friday/Saturday
  • Sunday long run: 9 miles ( I already dread it)
  • Bring more snacks to work

Also, funny story, last week I was trying to do my interval runs on the treadmill in the fitness room of my complex.  The damn thing just shut off twice  in the middle of sprint intervals.  I damn near went over the front rail…twice!  I might have to look at getting a gym membership. I just hate to. I’ll only be using it maybe twice a week when the weather sucks or I get around to it too late to go outside.  I do have a planet fitness close by, though. I hear they’re only $10/month.

Own that workout, Brad Pitt!

Own that workout, Brad Pitt!


She’s got legs

13 Nov

Legs day went well,

  • 50 Squats 40#
  • 50 DL 40#
  • 50 Lunges
  • 30 Pushups

I set the goal to do 200 pushups this week so instead of doing them over 3 days I’m doing some everyday. I suck at pushups.

I started a facebook challenge for 30 days of thankfulness this month. So I’m curious, what are you thankful for?  The first 10 days or so were easy. Now I have to actually think about it and be a little introspective. I think I will feel blessed by the end of the month!


  • Day 1: I am thankful for all the love and encouragement I receive from my friends and family.
  • Day 2: I am thankful none of those cops pulled me over while I was hauling butt to Jacksonville!
  • Day 3: thankful for all the awesome people I met today who are putting in hours of volunteer time. Love this environment.
  • Day 4: I am thankful that this world is still a beautiful place.
  • Day 5: I am thankful for my new job which its turning out to be pretty awesome!
  • Day 6: thankful for being able to vote. PS, Florida, you are giving me an ulcer.
  • Day 7: So unbelievably thankful for Obama 2012!
  • Day8: I am thankful for 4 day work weeks and turning off my morning alarm. Goodnight yall!
  • Day 9: I am thankful that I am a healthy, active person. I take that for granted most everyday.
  • Day 10: I am thankful for puppies who teach us to play, to take naps, love unconditionally, and know just when we need a little snuggle!
  • Day 11: I am thankful that my pants are falling off of me, even if I do look like a saggy bottom girl! Can’t wait to lose a little more and replace them!
  • Day 12: I am thankful for my mom who has been one of my biggest cheerleaders on some of my darkest days. Thanks, momma, I love you!
  • Day 13: I am thankful for my Daddy! He has rescued me too many times to count. He has even driven 5 hours to change my flat tire. That’s love! He has taught me so much about being independent and I am thankful for that more than he knows! So all yall who are upset that I’m not married with kids yet….blame him! He taught me not to put up with any bullshit cause I am perfectly capable by myself. Love you dad!


12 Nov

Day one back to my workout went well. Granted it was just an arm workout.  I have a SKLZ sandbag set to use at home and here’s the damage: 

30 Pushups

20 Bicep curls 20#

20 Single arm triceps extensions 10#

20 Push press 20#

Maybe I’m weak after a workout hiatus, but the sandbags feel heavier than weights I used at the gym.  Anyway, I’m trying to workout at home, without a gym membership, and they are pretty effective.

I am also waiting on my Gym Boss interval timer and plan on starting some bodyrock.tv type workouts.  There will be considerable variations taken because I cannot do a plyo lunge, or a split squat, whatever you want to call it.