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New shoes, new life.

20 Aug

As of today I have new running shoes and custom orthotics. Perhaps I can start working out again in the near future. This plantar fasciitis really is becoming a pain in the….uh….foot.  I’m updating from the tub. My legs are so achy today I had to soak (tmi? sorry). All I can see is if this is DOMS, that’s one hell of a delay. I haven’t worked out in foreeeeever.  I hate it. I’m getting really tired of it.  I’m ready to run.

I couldn’t resist.

Over the next week I plan to break these shoes in, go for some walks.  My foot still hurts pretty bad. It was nearly resolved, then Sunday I stood up off the couch and felt a pop in my plantar fascia and it’s pretty much back full force.  Awesome. The optimist in my believes it was just scar tissue 🙂  I’m hoping in 2 weeks I can jog a bit.

I’m back to counting calories. It doesn’t help.  I can eat all willy nilly, or I can maintain a strict clean diet of 1200 calories and I maintain weight without a workout.  I feel better when I eat better, though, so it’s time to be disciplined again.


Rants on shoes

3 Dec

It makes me so mad when my shoes are discontinued. I love LOOOOOOVE Brooks Ravenna 2:


Now that Brooks Ravenna 3 are out, I can’t get Ravenna 2.  If I could, they would cost around $60. The new model is $120+. What’s the difference?  New colors?  Not worth twice the price, people!! Just give me my Ravenna 2 in a 9.5 and let me live my life!

Rant over.