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I’m Baaaaack!

20 May

Well, almost. 

I’ve been biking, rehabilitating for this “IT Band Syndrome” and I’m feeling pretty ok.  Today I went on a 2 mile walk so I’m counting that as my return workout.  I guess it’s a long way from 13.1, but I’ll get back there!  Here’s my new favorite workout song: 

“My body tells me no, but I won’t quit, I want more”

So here goes! I plan to walk daily this week for a half hour each day.  I also biked today for a half hour, but that’s getting pretty damn boring.  

Edit: after being offered and accepting a position with Dtox, they failed to send me the necessary information for my start date. When I contacted them by phone my calls were ignored. I have never been on the receiving end of such a gross display of unprofessionalism in my life.


Happy Monday!

30 Jul

I didn’t run yesterday.

But I did run this morning:

Yep, two miles, baby. I will also do the first day of my pull-up workout which is this:

2×10 Shoulder Circuit (Y’s, T’s, and I’s for those of you who know what’s up)

2×10 Band horizontal abduction

2×10 Wall Angels

2×10 Plank Press ups

3×15 Close Grip Front Lat Pulldown

3×15 Push ups

3x1min Plank

3×15 Standing Wide-Grip Cable Row

3×15 Bicep Curl with shoulder press

3×15 Standing Cable push/pull

Also…I’m doing a nutritional cleanse, which means I’m eating really clean for the week, but also I added in this Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Drink.  It’s actually not all that bad and I feel great after I drink it.  The apple cider vinegar is good, it’s the lemon juice that really puckers me up. It’s supposed to do a few things for you, mainly stabilize blood sugar.  This is good if you have, say, been eating less than ideal on a week of vacation. 

Here’s the recipe:

12oz water

1-2 T Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

1-2T Fresh lemon juice

1tsp cinnamon

Mix and chug! Before meals is ideal.