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Blah weather, Blah workouts

17 Dec

No workouts were had last week *facepalm*


It’s that time of year, isn’t it?  No excuses.

What I have been doing with my time is eating healthy and sleeping (a lot!).  My boyfriend has moved in (yikes!holymygodwhatishappeningtomylife?&$#%!) and requested Indian food this week so we have:

We are still gluten free and going strong, some of the recipes have substituted ingredients. I am kind of impressed at my will-power lately to be honest.  I am so glad I have gotten to a place where I can look at dessert or bread and realize it’s not worth it! Also, I keep my secret weapon in the freezer for emergency sweet cravings. Last week I had hit the 30 lbs mark for weight loss, but looks like I’m back up by 2 since I have been sans workouts.  A friend of mine has suggested a half marathon in April that I am considering.

The goal for workouts is the same:

  • 3 weight-training sessions with my Skilz Sandbags
  • 2 Core workouts
  • 3 Jogs

The only difference will be due to Christmas traveling on Friday. I am going to try to jog today, Wednesday, and one day over the weekend. Weight lifting Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Core workouts with RandomAbs on Tuesday and Thursday.

 What do you do to keep yourself motivated when the weather is blah?


Back on the Wagon

10 Nov

I feel kind of out of control right now, I have to settle down back into a routine. I am spending my 3-day weekend at home cleaning and preparing, this always gives me back my sense of order (I embrace my crazy, I really do!). Monday I am back on my exercise plan, no excuses allowed!


Here’s what’s been going on:

Underwent a number of “wellness” tests for: Thyroid, Cortisol (stress hormone levels), Imbalances in GI tract (absorption, parasites, etc…), Vitamin D and B12, and Food Sensitivities. These are all underlying things that can contribute to inability to lose weight. So far, my T3 levels for my Thyroid were in the low end of normal so I am taking Armour Thyroid for a month to see what happens.  This is because I have a number of under-active thyroid symptoms including inability to lose weight (or it’s difficult at least), losing hair, and fatigue. Also, my vitamin D levels were  a little low, so I am supplementing with mycelized vitamin D for a month and then retesting the thyroid and vitamin D. I will get the results of the rest of the tests at that visit.

While we’re on the subject, these are the supplements I take daily:

  • Micellized D3
  • Liquid B Complex (because I’m Vegetarian)
  • 2 Multivitiamins
  • 1 Osteomedica (bone health)
  • 1000mg Fish Oil (It’s good for everyone, but essential for vegetarians and I need to raise my cholesterol)
  • 2 Carb Blockers  (I take this for the White Bean Extract which is beneficial for gynecoid shapes trying to lose weight)
  • 2 Glucosamine and Chondroiton (Joint Health)
  • 1 Zinc (for vegetarians)
  • 1 cup of Red clover tea (Second supplement for gynecoid shapes)

The supplements I take from Numedica are Pharmaceutical grade and are the safest you can take.  These are held to the same standards as prescription medications in terms of purity.  Off the shelf supplements are not regulated by the FDA and are not necessarily held to high standards for purity. Many off the shelf brands have tested positive for impurities such as lead and trace metals.  I don’t think you have to get pharmaceutical grade supplements, but consider the source and make sure you purchase from a brand you trust.

This week’s menu:

Breakfast: Scrambled tofu with potato hash

Lunch/Dinner: Spicy Couscous (1), Barley and Mushrooms (1), Carrot and Parsnip Soup (1), Boxed Soup (2), Spaghetti Squash with Zucchini (2), TVP Tacos and Taco Salad (4), Roasted Tomato and Kale Pizza (3)

Snacks: Orange, Apples, Luna Lemon Zest Bars, Hummus with Nut Thins

On a positive note, despite my inactivity, I have been eating well.  I was going through withdrawals from not weighing myself for two weeks so I bought a home scale today and…I’ve lost two pounds 🙂  Oh happy day!


1st Day

29 Oct

Today was my first day of the new job.  If I were to recount the events of the day it would be pretty boring, but I still loved it.  Tomorrow I get turned loose on patients and I have been stalking the medical histories of all of them all evening.


Now for confessions: I didn’t get my cardio in.  Two reasons and both are excuses, and we all know excuses are like buttholes: everyone has one and they all stink (you can thank my high school basketball coach for that analogy).  At any rate, my two excuses: I got 4 hours of sleep last night and it’s freezing cold.  I need to locate the code for the fitness room door.  I have it here somewhere. I have committed to a pretty simple lifting program this week so I will double up tomorrow.  I cannot have a repeat of last month and I already know getting back into doing cardio is going to suck.  Time to get started!

And a little something fun, I can’t get enough of this song. Enjoy:

While we’re being random, I need to share my favorite breakfast right now.  I think I have shared it before, but seriously, get you some. You could do this with sweet potato too:

Pumpkin Parfait

Roasted Pumpkin

Pumpkin pie spice

Agave nectar

frozen banana

1/4-1/2 cup almond milk (or your preferred milk or milk substitute)


Pumpkin Seeds and Sunflower seeds (optional)

Roast your pumpkin in the oven until it’s soft.  Puree with pumpkin pie spice and agave nectar to taste. Put that to the side and clean out your food processor.

Slice up the frozen banana into food processor and turn on.  Add milk slowly until banana is smooth but still kind of thick. (this will be the exact consistency of soft serve ice cream.

In a small dish layer 2 tablespoons pumpkin, chopped walnuts, banana mixture. (I do pumpkin, walnuts, banana, pumpkin). Top with pumpkin and sunflower seeds or more walnut.  Enjoy.  It’s unreasonably good and filling!


Wake me up when October ends

21 Oct

This month has been bittersweet, but all in all, I’m done with it.  Ready to move on to bigger and better things.  Mostly because…I have a new job!  I’m so very excited to be working for Ankle of Foot Centers of Georgia  starting next week. Of course, nervous anticipation. I have to find a new gym.  My current one is a benefit of my current company and is by work, not by home.  I am actually pretty sad about that because I love Bodyplex Suwanee (that’s a shout out, check them out, tell your friends). Also, I will be working 4 10-hour shifts. So I just have a whole new schedule to get used to.  I’m nervous about how that will effect my workout habits, but I am hoping to stay on track.

Workouts are going to be sketchy this week thanks to the hip (bothering me again today), so I will focus on the food.


Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 30 minutes of cardio, not promising runs, but I have to get it in, despite this hip.

Wednesday/Thursday: Weight training.


Breakfasts: Pumpkin Parfait (see recipe below), Tofu a la Mexicana Breakfast Enchilada, Smoothies (I made one w/ sweet potato last week that was delicious!)

Lunch and Dinner: Roasted Carrot and Parsnip Soup (this stuff is soooo good…and I don’t even like carrots that much. I kind of feel weird about how much I like this soup), Spaghetti Squash Tomato Toss, Roasted Red Pepper Bisque. Then leftovers: Spicy Couscous, Barley and Mushrooms.

Snacks: Sweet and Spicy Cucumbers, Apples, Shakes, Hummus

Honestly, I am ready for this week to be over so I can say I have eaten all this delicious food. I kind of made a lot so this will probably be my menu for next week as well.

Pumpkin Parfait

Pumpkin Puree:

2 Cups roasted pumpkin pureed

1T Pumpkin Pie spice

1/4-1/2 cup almond milk

3 T Agave nectar (to taste)

2T Flax meal

Banana Ice Cream:

2 frozen bananas

enough almond milk to blend

Layer ingredients into a parfait dish, top with walnuts. Freeze extra portions, give 30 minutes or so to thaw before eating.



October’s Week 3 Plan

14 Oct

Last week wasn’t a total bust, but not a total success.  A couple of things derailed my cardio days and I did not make them up.  Nutritionally speaking…I ate pasta with cream sauce and chocolate filled with caramel (oops).  Lifting went well, though.

Truth is, I haven’t been too focused on weight loss this month at all.  I only have two more weeks before I weigh in and I’m not ready to see no progress so time to make it count!

This weekend I have been detoxing:

  • Shake: Almond milk, berries, spinach, flax seed, chia seed
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Drink: 12oz water, 2T Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, 2T lemon juice, cinnamon, stevia
  • Green Tea/Water (copious amounts)
  • Soup: Broccoli, Cauliflour, cilantro, curry, onion, garlic
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Green tea/Water
  • Dinner: Vegetable salad with lemon juice (no dressing)

I did this Saturday and Sunday and will probably continue through Monday. Everything good for you, easy to digest, and the Apple Cider vinegar helps regulate blood sugar and gets rid of the cravings.

This week’s goals:

  • Get back to being serious with the diet
  • Don’t miss a workout


  • 30 Day Shred in the mornings
  • Monday: Cardio: 1 mile warm up, 2 miles for time
  • Wednesday/Friday: 50 minute runs
  • Tuesday/Thursday: Lifting
  • Saturday/Sunday: Just 30 Day shred

Meals: (time to clean out the fridge/freezer again)

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal and Shakes
  • Lunch/Dinner: Spicy Couscous, Falafel, Lentil Power protein bowl, Barley with Mushrooms, Stuffed Cabbage, Soup/Salad,
  • Snacks: Lentil/Squash Hummus, Shakes, Date Bites, Think Thin Bars  (yum, yum, yum), Apples, Oranges.

Wish me luck!


8 Oct

Today I decided to do a mile out and back for time. Went out a mile in 11:29 (and then died). Phenomenal time for me. Turned around to go back and was dead. Had all thoughts of quitting like a quarter in. Got through the mental block and about 1.6 miles in and my legs wanted to collapse. I checked my pace…still 11:46. Ok, I feel like shit, but I am still doing it! I get to 1.86 and I am dead. I can’t breathe, my stomach is cramping, I get a side stitch….it was over. Sometimes I look back at a time or distance and think I could have done better or I could have kept going. Even though there was only .14 of a mile left…I really feel like I would have passed out. This is the direct result of two things: no warm up and poor breathing.

The total damage: 1.86 miles, 11:39 averagr pace.

Moving Forward

18 Sep

You ever have one of those days?  Of course you have, we all have.  Let me tell you about mine.  First of all it’s important that you know how much I love sleep.  I mean I LOOOOOOVE sleep. I work 10 hour days with an hour workout stuck in the middle so sleep is very important.  Last week I was starting to feel a bit under the weather and then Sunday night I couldn’t sleep.  I tossed and turned for an hour and a half without much luck.  My right SI joint was aching and I couldn’t get comfortable.  I looked at the clock, it’s midnight.  Shit just got real.  No ma’am, I will not stay awake any longer, time to take an Aleve.  As I sort through the medicine cabinet, I happen upon some Nyquil from my last cold. Perfecto, I down two pills, lie down on a heating pad, I’m asleep in like 20 minutes flat.  My alarm went off at 6am, my eyes open, and my brain does not turn on.  I can’t describe the type of fog I was in, I have never experienced that before, but I will never take another nyquil.  The fog didn’t lift until around 10am and two cups of coffee and then I realized I didn’t bring my gym bag 😦  So I say all of that to say…I missed a workout yesterday.  It was raining by time I got home so I couldn’t run then either.  I will make it up though. 

So…I am quickly approaching what I affectionately call a “F-ya moment”.  It occurred to me that these are things I have in my head that I haven’t shared.  A F-ya moment is when I accomplish a mile marker along my journey that isn’t necessarily a goal, just a step towards my goals.  Moments when it occurs to me how much I have accomplished and it motivates me to push a little harder.  So here, in random order, are what I currently consider my F-ya moments

  • Every 20lbs of weight loss (F-ya)
  • When I’m able to run for a full hour (F-ya)
  • When the guys in the gym tell me how good I’m looking (F-ya) (this has happened, they are awesome, and every time they say something I think “F-ya”)
  • Every time I crave a workout (F-ya)
  • Every time I convince someone to join me for something (F-ya)
  • Getting under 200lbs (for the first time as an adult) (F-YA!)

That’s it for now. 

I did some reflecting while lying awake in my bed and was thinking a little bit about goals.  Everytime I have set out to accomplish something big there seems to be things I think I can accomplish, and things that seem a little too far out of reach.  For example, I was the first in my family to go to college.  When I first started out I thought going to college was a huge accomplishment, and just going and getting through was about all I could muster.  Sometime during the course of my education I felt like graduating with honors and going to grad school was suddently attainable when it hadn’t been in the past.  (was THAT an F-ya moment?  hmmm….)

Anyway, when I first started out, I only really wanted to run a 5K.  A direct quote from my mouth “I would never want to run more than a 5K.”  And even my weight loss goals (180lbs, 68lbs of weight loss) seemed doable, but just a very far off goal.  Now it seems perfectly reasonable to me that  I can run for an hour straight, finish a 10K and even in the deepest, darkest places in my mind….a half marathon?  F-ya I can do that.  Why not?  All goals seem too lofty until you start closing in on them because no, today I cannot go out and run 13 miles…but why not within the year?  All I have to do is get another step closer everyday. 

So motivated. So proud. I hope you guys take a step closer to your goals today. I know I will!

Nature and Confessions

16 Sep

Friday was an off day because we went hiking Saturday instead.  We had a nice time, but it was a strenuous 3 mile hike.  Surprisingly, my wiener dogs, short as they are, kept pace quite well and really loved it.

Truth is….I have been pretty bad these past two weeks.  As I have detailed before, I’m a stress eater and work has been nothing but stress.  With stress comes cravings.  I have been eating bread and pizza and even pasta this week.  Yikes!  I will not meet my goals this way.  I have some calmness and clarity regarding my work situation, starting some meditation to help with that and if all else fails I will speak to my doctor about my anxiety.  I have a pretty good handle on it, I can recognize it when it’s there for what it is, but I cannot make it go away by myself. That’s what leads to the cravings and the eating!

This week I will use the Apple Cider Detox drink not as a detox, but as a blood sugar stabilizer.  I don’t know if it works like it says it does, but I promise, after taking a few swigs of Apple Cider Vinegar, Water, Cinnamon, and Lime Juice, you won’t feel like eating anymore!

The good news is that I didn’t skip a workout, despite my unhealthy eating.  After spending a week lifting like a girl (low weight, high rep, little rest time) I have decided that I prefer to lift like a man (higher weight, lower rep, more rest time).  I like feeling like I’m gaining muscle.  My workout goals are as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Running 36 minutes straight, preferably at the park.

Tuesday, Thursday: Lifting in the gym (details to follow daily)

Saturday: Home circuit workout

My menu this week is all about cleaning out the pantry and refrigerator, and I did a pretty freakin’ good job.


  • Steel cut oats w/ Fruit, Flax, Wheat Germ, and maybe even some peanut butter(3)
  • Applie Pie Quinoa Cereal (1)
  • Scrambled Tofu w/ potatoes (3)

Lunch and Dinner

  • Salad w/ NS option (3)
  • Pulled Mushroom BBQ Sammich w/ Coleslaw made w/ Vegan mayo from last week (1)
  • Couscous salad (adapted from this recipe, but I will post mine) w/ Black beans (3)
  • Lentil Taco Bowl (2)
  • Soup and Salad (1)
  • Nino Envuelto (3)
  • Leftover Indian w/ Rice (1)


This is what the fridge looks like now:

Everything neatly parceled and awaiting consumption, breakfasts and snacks on top, lunch and dinner in the middle.  I have effectively used every morsel in my refrigerator.  If it’s not empty by the end of the week that means I didn’t stick to the plan.

And just for good measure, one more picture from the hike.

Ella and her best friend, Chunk, enjoying the hike.

Eat Yourself Skinny!: Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Cereal

13 Sep

I made my own version of this Eat Yourself Skinny!: Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Cereal and it is delicious! Here’s my version:

1/2 cup uncooked quinoa

1tsp vanilla

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 medium apple

1 T coconut oil

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/8 tsp apple pie spice

2 T Agave syrup

Warm a pan over med-low heat with coconut oil.  Add chopped apple and cook 5ish minutes until softened.  Sit aside.

Meanwhile, rinse your quinoa two or three times.  Add quinoa and 2/4 almond milk to a pan.  Bring to a boil, reduce, and let simmer 10 minutes until quinoa is cooked through.  Remove from heat, add remaining almond milk, agave, and spices.  Fold in apples.  Enjoy!

Nutrition for my version: 183 Calories, 24g Fat, 10g Fat, 3g protein


Sunday Funday (again)

9 Sep

Do you have an app that you use to track activity?  I was introduced to Skimble recently.  It allows you to track your activity, as well as provides workouts.  It has a social aspect in that you can acquire points and compete with others. It gives you something kind of fun to do with your workouts.  Only problem is while I love the concept, the app itself sucks.  Tonight it failed to track half my workout 😦  If you have one you love specifically for activity, let me know in the comments please!  Here’s what I did today:

2.48 out and back run.  It took me 30 minutes.

New route was nice on the way out, but I knew it would be hell on the way back because of one very large, very long hill.  Anyway, it’s done with.  To be honest, this past week was a bust.  I got in 2 crappy runs and 2 weight training sessions.  Hardly enough when the goal was to have 3 and 3.

Next week:

  • 3 runs and 3 weight training workouts (seriously this time, Gina, seriously)
  • Stick to the menu (I have stopped tracking b/c of the food I’m eating is hard to enter, takes forever, but I will do my best)
  • Keep in mind: just two over two weeks before my birthday and I intend to hit the 20lb weight loss mark by then.

Food I have prepped:

Breakfast: Oatmeal w/ fruits, Scrambled tofu, Green Smoothie

Lunch: Have to finish up the Nutrisystem food taking up space in my pantry.  I will have one entree with a salad everyday.

Dinner: Bang Bang Cauliflour, Black Bean Bowl, Lentil Tacos, Nino Envuelto (I make mine w/ meat substitute).

Snacks: Fruit Salad w/ Ginger, Tea, Carrots and Hummus, Nuts, Treat (only one/day), Apple w/ PB, Orange

Treats: Raw coconut cream bites, Date Bites, and Cinnamon Cookie Dough Squares (maybe)

All of these treats are no sugar added, vegan, gluten free, and soooo yummy!