That felt good!

3 Jun

I couldn’t run yesterday thanks to a thunderstorm so I made it up today after work and it felt good! Stuck with 3:1 intervals which really is too much rest time. I managed 2.5 miles with a 15 minute mile pace. I was sprinting between a 8:45 and 10 minute mile pace and walking much slower obviously. I find it difficult to walk fast, I know some people can walk an 11-12 min mile….ya, that’s not me. Anyway, I felt really really good. When I run at home there is a bit at the end when I top the last hill and the sky is kind of spread out in front of me and the traffic comes in full view, and there must be something about the energy in that place because I have gotten a little choked up right there a couple times. Today a smile spread across my face and my mind sorted through all the good things in life for a brief moment. Life is truly wonderful and I hope you feel it too.

I am hoping to get a new computer soon so I can invest more time and effort into the blog then. Thanks to everyone for the support!


One Response to “That felt good!”

  1. shannon June 5, 2013 at 10:15 am #

    Great job!!! Glad to hear you had a good run! 🙂

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