Really? This is really happening…ok.

20 Oct

Further evidence the universe is trying to keep me down:

Get to the Farmer’s Market today, stop to get coffee.  They are out of coffee and in the meantime, someone stole my cart. (At the Farmers Market you have to get your cart from the middle of the parking lot.  This was a huge offense.) Decide to do my shopping and come back for coffee (this coffee is the greatest coffee of all time, you can’t pass it up). Despite the market not being crazy busy like it usually is, people were particularly rude and inconsiderate. Running into me, cutting me off, not letting me through, etc… I got one toe stepped on and another guy ran over my heel with his cart. Get finished with my list, return to the coffee cart….out again.  Son of a…! Redeeming grace is I got a stellar parking spot, and as I pulled away, I prayed the person who took my spot was deserving of it.

Stop by home to drop off my loot and go finish errands which included: Library, Goodwill, TJMaxx, and traditional grocery for a few remaining items. Despite spending too much money, Goodwill and TJMaxx were good experiences.  I got some good stuff (I have to start dressing “professionally” but more on that later).  Then I come back home, get in my sweat pants, and get ready to cook meals….dammit, forgot the other grocery stop!  Change back into socially acceptable clothes and go to Publix, the closest option.  Can’t find the first 3 items on the list….forget this, going to Kroger!  Get to Kroger parking lot and OOOOH YAAAA, I have prescriptions waiting next door at Rite Aid, let me stop by.  Standing at the drop off counter b/c I’m not really sure both of them were submitted for refill…waiting, waiting….look down at the “pick up” counter…apparently he’s going to help everyone down there today.  Switch lines while he helps a woman who has been waiting for waaaaay less time than I have.  Her prescriptions aren’t ready. Wait. She’s counting out pennies to pay for them. Waiting. Somehow she needs change?  Pharmacy doesn’t have enough change. Page manager, get the change, woman can’t figure out how to use the kiosk where you have to agree to a number of disclaimers. Wait, wait, wait. Woman finally leaves. My turn. Give my name, my date of birth….my prescriptions aren’t ready.

Really fighting the urge to scream YOU JUST CALLED ME YESTERDAY! THEY WERE READY THEN! Wait another 10 minutes.  Pharmacist comes back, “did you get 60 grams of this medication last time (gel for acne), it usually comes in 30 grams.” My response, “Yes, I got 60g last time, I guess I just have a big face.” Pharmacist looks at me blankly for a second, quickly finishes my order!

Positives (because we need to focus on the positives!): Good parking all day, traffic wasn’t bad, it was beautiful out all day, and my hip feels sooooo much better (thank GOODNESS)!  Going to try for a short jog tomorrow, I clearly need the endorphins!

I can’t wait to share my menu and my plan tomorrow because the food in this house smells simply amazing right now.


3 Responses to “Really? This is really happening…ok.”

  1. ichoosetolivestronger October 20, 2012 at 8:01 pm #

    What? Out of coffee? That’s just wrong! Your day sounds crazy….but thanks for sharing. This is precisely why I hate to shop…especially on a Saturday.

  2. oldentimes October 21, 2012 at 7:37 am #

    Another thing you can be happy about, you wer not trying to do all this here, where if you forget something it means driving an extra 40 or more miles. 😉
    Sounds like on the whole it was not a really bad day.

    • gshipman October 21, 2012 at 10:47 am #

      You are so right about that. I was able to stay in good spirits during my “one thing after another” day!

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