Change of plan

15 Oct


Today I had a plan. 1 mile easy jog to warm up. I finished that in 13:12. Then, 2 miles for time. Well…this didnt work out so well! After mile 1 I got my pace: 12:27. Whaaaaat? I am TRYING here! But my legs would not go. They had weights tieing them down. I finished 1.34 miles at that pace and walked the rest of the way for a round trip 3 miles. The good news is (and you will really like this) for the purposes of weight loss it doesn’t matter how fast you go. As long as you go the same distance you burn the same number of calories! So walk or run 3 miles, calorie burn is the same. You have simply decreased intensity and increased duration of your workout. You’re welcome. I think I will do intervals from now on on my pace day.


2 Responses to “Change of plan”

  1. ichoosetolivestronger October 16, 2012 at 6:48 am #

    They say you burn something like 40 percent more when doing intervals. Who really are THEY though? Ha ha. My trainer reminded me yesterday that if I over analyze my foodplan as much as I do my workouts..that I would be losing faster. Yeah, maybe. He reminded me that it is just as important to chuck the weight off as it is to get stronger. Sigh. Truth.

    • gshipman October 16, 2012 at 7:07 am #

      The “40%” more takes into consideration the afterburn effect. It is a theory more than science. I am using intervals just to get faster. Your trainer is right about food. Diet is about 80% of the battle for weight loss. But it’s not rocket science. Stau away from sugar and carbs and keep your calories beteeen 1200 and 1500 depending on what you can tolerate and not be starving! What I said about calorie burn is simple exercise physiology. Be careful what you trust your trainer on. Some are highly educated, but some are just blowing smoke up your ass! Good luck!

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