8 Oct

Today I decided to do a mile out and back for time. Went out a mile in 11:29 (and then died). Phenomenal time for me. Turned around to go back and was dead. Had all thoughts of quitting like a quarter in. Got through the mental block and about 1.6 miles in and my legs wanted to collapse. I checked my pace…still 11:46. Ok, I feel like shit, but I am still doing it! I get to 1.86 and I am dead. I can’t breathe, my stomach is cramping, I get a side stitch….it was over. Sometimes I look back at a time or distance and think I could have done better or I could have kept going. Even though there was only .14 of a mile left…I really feel like I would have passed out. This is the direct result of two things: no warm up and poor breathing.

The total damage: 1.86 miles, 11:39 averagr pace.


One Response to “Dead”

  1. shannon October 9, 2012 at 9:36 pm #

    Good job. You started it and stuck to it! 🙂 you still win cool points.

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