Adrenaline Hangover

20 Aug

Exhibit A

So….I got an arm workout in on Sunday (that’s me in the front).  Our grand adventure was somewhat bittersweet.  See exhibit A above.  This is an example of the sweet part.  Exhibit B below is the bitter part.

Exhibit B

Camping is not my “thing”.  Camping makes everything difficult: eating, drinking, bathing, brushing your teeth, staying clean, relaxing, sitting, standing, sleeping….you get the picture.  That being said, I stuck to my diet right up until the ride home.  I gave in to peer pressure (and also my snacks got put in the trunk first) and got junk food at the gas station.  Could have been worse.  It doesn’t seem as though calorie max’s were exceeded.  My weight is the same today so that’s good. Speaking of today, here’s my workout:

Set x Reps Exercise
                  2×10 Shoulder Circuits
                  2×10 Band Pull Aparts
                  2×10 Wall Slides
                  2×10 Plank Push-Ups
                  3×15 Close Grip Front Lat Pulldown
                  3×15 Push-ups
                  3x1min Planks
                  3×15 Standing Wide Grip Cable Row
                  3×15 Bicep Curl with Shoulder Press
                  3×15 Standing Push/Pull





I also went to fresh market and got myself a sampling of vegan treats.  I will be reviewing them here in due time, along with some information about what I base my diet on and what I believe to be healthy eating habits.  We’ll see if you agree, eh?

That’s me with my mouth hanging wide open. Super cute.

If you are able to make it out to Ocoee, TN you should look up Adventures Unlimited. Ask for Travis, he was a great guide!


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