Just Wednesday

15 Aug

Not much to report today, other than a long, busy day. I got in an arm workout and a run:

2 miles, 25 minutes, average speed 4.8mph, average pace 12:28/mile

I have just realized I misplaced the sheet I was using to track the weight used for the arm workouts (this is my 3rd week), hopefully I will find it.  I think I will continue with these workouts for another 3 weeks and see what the status of my pull up is then. I started with 170# on Assisted pull up so I have made progress, but not enough to actually do a real one.

                  2×10 Shoulder Circuits
                  2×10 Band Pull Aparts
                  2×10 Wall Slides
                  2×10 Plank Push-Ups
155#          3×15 Assisted Pull Up
20#            3×15 Cable Anti-Rotation Press
30#            3×15 Seated Narrow Grip Row
30#            3×15 Low Wood Chop
20#            3×15 Standing One Arm Cable Chest Press
12.5#         3×15 Straight Arm Pulldown




Tomorrow’s plan is to set the dreadmill to 12:30-12 minute mile and finish my distance that way. I tend to go up and down because I get bored, but I end up going too fast and then wanting a break. Tomorrow is a test of mental strength, stay at one pace (or at least a narrow range) the entire time.

Calories for today: 1251, Fat: 29g, Carbs: 220g, Fiber: 37g, Sugar: 84g, Protein: 42g


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