28 Jul

So…my cousins came down with their two girls for a little vacation (a stay-cation for me).  The week wasn’t a total failure nutrition/workout-wise, but I’m not looking forward to stepping on the scale on Monday.  I stayed under my overall calorie goals everyday except one, but not everything I ate wasn’t nutritionally dense.  The problem is..we eat family style.  So while I didn’t ORDER french fries….I ate plenty of them!  I missed one run, but that’s because between a day at the beach and the aquarium I walked about 37 miles in flip flops and I just couldn’t make another run happen on those feet.  Tomorrow starts a new week, and I will try again.  For the record, lunges were performed on this beach.  Also….a nap.

Next week’s goals:

10% Increase in distance (5.38 miles)

Average mile under 14 minutes

Cleanse week nutritionally: (Fruits, vegetables, lean protein)

Had so much fun with my girls!




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