Monday Monday

23 Jul

Here’s today’s workout and calorie count.  Not much to say about it, other than I really had a few more calories than this.  I couldn’t find the nutrition info for my salad dressing.  We ate at Marlow’s Tavern and I had the Tavern Salad.  It comes SOAKED in a vinagrette of some sort.  They apparently don’t have their nutrition info posted.  That’s scary.

Totals 962 81 34 53
Your Daily Goal 1,580 217 53 59
Remaining 618 136 19 6
Calories Carbs Fat Protein

Here’s the workout.  I only did one set of 20 of each.  I think I need to start lifting upper body like a man.  I never feel like I have really worked out on arms day, and I’m never sore after, not even a little bit.  I will work on something for next week.


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