Short update: I’m tiiiiiired

20 Jul

I’m so glad today was the third run day of the week.  That means 1) I don’t have to run again until Sunday 2)Tomorrow is Friday, meaning I get out of work early, meaning there’s an after workout nap penciled in to my schedule.  

I seriously don’t have the patience (I initially wrote this as “patients” which ironically is why I don’t have the patience) to deal with pictures today, so here’s your summary:

Finished up my mileage for the week which was a mile and a quarter. Average pace was 11:31.  I warmed up at 4.3 (just under 14 minute mile) for 3 minutes, jogged a mile at 5.6-6.0 (11-10 minute mile) and then finished off the distance at 5.3.

I ate 1546 calories (Goal is 1580).

I did see some progress in the right direction on the scale next week, but I won’t be reporting that until the end of the month.  I fluctuate too much to get real excited too soon. 


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